The delicious textures of home grown Mulberry Crumble

Harvest of Mulberries

Harvest of Mulberries

A couple of weeks ago I posted a picture of our Mulberry tree, it is now overflowing with ripe fruit and I’m so excited to be using them in my cooking. I’m a big fan of crumble be it apple, peach and raspberry or apple and rhubarb. That crunchy buttery layer on top of the soft sweet fruit is just such a fabulous contrast of texture and flavour. So for me it was an easy decision that the first thing that I should cook with our first harvest is Mulberry Crumble.


Enough mulberries to almost fill your baking dish

Sprinkle of sugar

Sprinkle of sugar and lemon juice

Sprinkle of sugar and lemon juice

Squeeze of lemon juice

Little sprinkle bit of cornflour


100g of rolled oats

100g plain flour

100g raw sugar or brown sugar

100g cold butter

You can add coconut or cinamon etc up to you


Sprinkle berries with sugar and lemon, mix. Sprinkle with cornflour mix (just a teaspoons maybe), mix. For crumble add all dry ingredients in a bowl and combine, then rub the butter through like making pastry. Pour the crumble on top of the fruit, press on a little. Bake for about 30 mins.

It was delicious

It was delicious


Before serving to everyone else, grab a big spoon, break through the crunchy crumble to reveal the black soft sweet juicy mulberries eat, lick spoon, then contiinue to serve everyone else. It’s fabulous with some vanillia icecream. Such a delicious use of mulberries and it was prasied by our dinner guests. So simple to make and cost almost nothing as the mulberries were from the garden and the other ingredients were from our pantry. Enjoy.

Can’t wait for fig harvest now!

Has anyone got a Mulberry Tree? Any recipes that you would like to share? I though I’d like make Mulberry Jam next.


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