My first authentic sourdough loaf

Sourdough and starter

Sourdough and starter

My last post was a photo of the beginnings of my sourdough starter, I’m very sad to say that the first attempt was a dismill fail. The smell has horrible and I can only assume that it was off and then died. Attempt two has been much happier, feeding away like a little pet. I fed it for the past four days and then made my first loaf last night. I added no yeast and we double in size with the assistance of the oven generating some warmth in the kitchen. I kept 200g of the loaf and added it to the little bit of left over orginal starter and it has flourished over night growing into a big bubbly mass.

I mixed and kneaded my loaf in my thermomix, but I imagine the same process could be done in a bread maker or manually.

The process to make the starter is easy:

1. 100g bakers flour, 100g of water mix into a paste in a container twice the size, put on a loose fitting lid and leave over night until the bubbles form and fall

2. Remove half the starter and feed with 50g flour and water, mix into paste in a clean container and replace the lid

3. Repeat for 4 days

To make the loaf:

1. Place 200g of starter and 300ml water in the thermomix – 2mins, 37c, speed 2

2. Add 500g bakers flour, 30ml olive oil, 10gs sugar, 20gs salt, speed 6 for 6 secs to bring it together

3. Lock lid and knead for 2 mins

4. Remove 200gs and add to any left over starter, this is the new starter

5. Remove from thermomix and roll in thermomat, or bowl with teatowel and leave to double in size, place somewhere warm, I left it for a couple of hours

6. Shape into loaf, cut slits in the top, I then placed into a cold oven and turned to 200c. This gives it time to prove a little longer.

7. I cooked it until it was brown and smelled cooked, tap it on the bottom and it will sound hollow, like scones do when cooked

The verdict:

Very time consuming but a great experiement to do with kids, they like feeding the starter. The bread has a lovely flavour and there is nothing like the smell of fresh bread cooking in the house. I got really good bubbles in the bread. I had tis morning for breakfast with homemade thermomix butter and vegemite. So good! Oh, and I ate the crunchy end bit doused with olive oil while the toast was cooking. I can’t wait to start loaf two. I think I need some pate for the next warm bread, it would be amazing.

Have you ever made a authentic sourdough? Would you consider giving it a go? If you do please let me know how you go. Enjoy!

The sourdough starter

The sourdough starter

First sourdough loaf

First sourdough loaf


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