At the heart of our home is the wood stove

We have been in our new (very old) house for a week and I feel so at home already! It’s filled with character, warmth and has a really welcoming feel. It is so peaceful out here in the little village of Wongarbon, 15kms up the road from the regional NSW city of Dubbo. Our home has been filled with people since we moved in, old and new friends sharing our dreams for our little piece if paradise.

view from the backyard

view from the backyard

In the middle of the house is the kitchen with an old wood stove, it is at the heart of our home. I’ve spent the best part of the weekend in our kitchen cooking and sharing with friends, all week I have been looking forward to lighting the wood stove. There is something magical about a wood stove, people seem to be drawn to the warmth and life, approaching with their hands out in front soaking up the heat. They seem to warm the heart. I have such fond memories of the wood stove at “Rossmore”, Mum and Dad’s sheep station. I love that we finally have one of our own and so does Damo.


Wood stove


The fire box


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