Retro cookbook and food trends

How times have changed! The year 1983, I was only 5 years old when it was published. I found this cookbook in a second hand book section and have read it with interest. It is amazing that this food would have been cutting edge in the 70’s and 80’s. Some of the trends are dreadful, I just couldn’t imagine serving these up at a dinner party. Major points of difference: jellied, mousse, souffle, stuffed every type of vege (even lettuce), all types of offal and cuts (trotter, tongue). The illustrations are so not appetising. I wonder if a retro themed dinner party would work?  Just imagine it now stuffed eggs, navy eye shadow, jelly with prawns, shoulder pads, veal liver with onions, teased fringe and last not least a Creme Caramel… least some things don’t date. Photos would be stunning…..I’m sure, guests starving in lace fingerless gloves. So who wants to come? Photos of menu to follow…some things better left in 1980’s I think.



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