Pets teach us great lessons in life

Digby is a Corgi. He has many names, Diggy Dog, Fatty, Round Hound, Mr Rigby to name a few. He answers to them all. He is a typical Stalley, loves food and people. Just like me it  has never occurred to him that people don’t want a cuddle. He is very much part of the family, Mum calls him “My Granddog”. We have shared custody of Digby, he goes between “Rossmore” and Dubbo, that is my parents sheep station and my place.



Mum and Dad have become so attached to him that he is allowed inside, to put this in context the only dogs before Digby at “Rossmore” were sheep dogs. These dogs lived on the chain when not working with Dad. Digby comes to the door and knocks with his paw and is let inside. Well I never thought I’d see the day!

Digby is now on Mum’s NRMA insurance as an extra, pet insurance, he doesn’t drive the car…yet anyway. For anyone who has had the pleasure of owning a Corgi you would know, they love to be close to you, he sits on feet as often as he can and follows you around. He loves the car and going for drives and has been known to get in the my car if the door is left open, he is then surprisingly hard to get out. Don’t leave me behind! He only he could talk.

There is much to be said for owing a pet, the teach us from an early age about friendship, companionship, discipline and loyalty. They show unconditional love if treated with respect and teach responsibility in feeding, cleaning and caring.



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